VK1/AC-026 Booroomba Rocks

This is my first trip to summit AC-026.  I arrived at the car park before 7am which meant I  was running a little early.  There is a very well formed walking track to the top of Booroomba Rocks.  The is a rock climbing area that must be popular because I passed a number of climbers heading to the summit on my way down.

This would have to be on of the biggest  rocks I have ever seen while walking around doing activations.


It took me just under 50 minutes to get to the activation zone.  I started calling just after 8am and  I was rewarded with a few chasers but nothing like I would normally expect.  I guess that’s what you get when you post a time and get there an hour and a half early.  Though I must say that this is a  pretty good summit to work from.  I found a good spot to put up my squid pole.


This was not one of my best activations due to the lack of chasers.

I packed up and headed back down not long before 9am.  The trip down was just as quick as the trip up.  This is a must do activation as it  is not to difficult to get to.  It is steep but nothing like some of the other summits that are out there.


Some pictures from the summit.

IMG_20140927_075805 IMG_20140927_075802 IMG_20140927_075808