VK1/AC-027 Honeysuckle Mountain

Activation date 27 Sep 2014
I had planned to activate this summit and VK1/AC-027 in the same day.   So after I finished AC-026 I drove the short drive to the Honeysuckle car park.  Put the pack on and started out to the summit.

I started  this at just before 10 am and I got some nice pictures of the wildlife grazing in the warm morning sun.

IMG_20140927_094850 IMG_20140927_094927I took a different approach to the management  fire trail.  This ended up being a little longer.


I made my way down one of the tracks and took a picture of AC-027.  It looks pretty steep and quite high as well.


I ended up going to the water tanks that has been mentioned by VK1NAM  Andrew.  This was my first mistake.  I had planned taking Andrew’s track back from the summit and I was going to use that to go to the summit.  Well the night before I changed it back to Andrew’s original path up, ouch.  The going was very slow and difficult.  To make matters worse I came very close to  standing on a black snake.  Got to say that got the heart rate going just a little too much.

When I did eventually get to the activation zone I was able to setup quite well.  I got  a call from VK1MA to see if  I was about.  He was able to provide a spot for me and let me  know where VK2WMP was.

I could also hear VK1FAAS (Simon) calling on 2m.  I called back but I was not heard by him.  I also made contact with VK1NAM (Andrew) on the handheld for a 2m contact.

Matt spotted my for my activation and the pileup started.  I had 3 S2S contacts, VK2WMP, VK1FASS, and VK1DI.  I was being affected by some QSB but most reports were very good.

I  started my pack up and managed to break my squid pole, not happy but these things happen.  I took Andrew’s advise  about the best way to head back down.  I took the path I should have used and I had a much better time coming back down.  There is some thick regrowth but this was not  as bad  as the climb  in.