VK2/SW-018 Mt Bramina

Visit number 2 18 April 2015.
Getting to Mt Bramina is along Brindabella Road and then left down Boundary Road.  In the image below there are two possible roads to take.  At the time of the second access we traveled down  boundary road taking the left access as seen on the image.  There is a possibility that this road could have a gate sometime in the future.  This also is the most direct route to Mount Bramina.  Marked at Vehicle Track 7 is where we parked for the walk to the summit.

vk2-sw-018-accessThere is an alternative route to Vehicle Track 7 via Powerline Road.  Powerline road is steep and it does require a 4 wheel drive vehicle.  This can be seen below in the earlier images from recon trip.

The following image shows the path that we took to get to the summit.  According to the maps and the GPS there should have been either a road or a track.  We looked for it and there is nothing.  Not sure if this could have been or might have been a road but its not there.vk2-sw-018-walkHere are some pictures of the walk and where we activated from.  Been to some difficult locations with SOTA but on this trip it really was not the best day for a unique summit activation.


The first time we went to Mt Bramina we had to call it off as Andrew had a sore foot.  So we used this trip as a recon.
We went up powerline road the first time as we were not sure about any locked gates.  This approach requires a 4WD as it is  steep and the track is quite worn.
Looking back down the track

We eventually came back (18 April 2015) on a wet and overcast day.
This time we took a more direct route to the where we were going to park.  The road conditions when wet is difficult as the vehicle will slide around the track.  We had to take it slowly as a result.