7el 144MHz LN Loop Feed Array (LFA )

Credit for the antenna design goes to G0KSC http://www.g0ksc.co.uk/7el-144mhz-ln-lfa.html. Sometime ago I built a 144MHz antenna but it proved to be ineffective.  After a lot of research I decided to build a LFA.


6 x 3/8″ Stauff mounts
3 x 1/2″ Stauff mounts
6meters of 3/8″ aluminum tube
2meters of 1/2″ aluminum tube
3meters of 25.4  RHS tube (from Bunnings)
100mm x 160mm x 6mm aluminum (mounting plate)
Tube bender (ebay)
Pipe cutting tool
Right angle aluminum


Finding some of the parts was somewhat of a challenge.  I bought the aluminum from NBS Antennas as they were able to supply 1/2″ and 3/8″ tube.  Their tube 3/8″ fits nicely into the 1/2″ tube.
Mounting the aluminum onto the boom was another challenge too.  You could order mounts from G0KSC like I did and get the wrong mounts.  No point sending them back either.  I managed to find a place in Canberra that supplies the Stauff mounts.  These mounts are used for hydraulic oil lines.


I used the dimensions as per http://www.g0ksc.co.uk/7el-144mhz-ln-lfa.html for the directors and the reflector.  The driven elements were another matter.


IMG_20150809_154511 IMG_20150809_154515 IMG_20150823_113826 IMG_20150823_113815 IMG_20150822_114345 IMG_20150822_114337