Porta Paddle-II

I decided that I needed to replaced my morse key as I was using a full size straight key which takes up too much pack space.
So I decided ont he Porta Paddle-II kit from americanmorse.com.
I can’t say how long it took for it to arrive as I ordered it just before Christmas.

The kit comes like this P1202104You need to download the manual from americanmorse or you can just view it online which is what I did as I built it.

The paddle is not very hard to put together and it did not take me very long to get it constructed.  The key is very small as this image will show.  IMG_20160120_215419Here is a close up of the finished paddle ready for some connections. P1202109I am very happy with the finished product and can’t wait to use it for my next activation.

The kit is of a very high quality, though I did have some parts that did not fit as they were either damaged as a result of transit.  I did email Doug about this and he is more than happy to help out in these situations  which is fantastic.

Below is are a few images of the individual parts of the kit and a partially assembled paddles.

P1202107 P1202108