VK2/ST-009 MT Palerang

Date 13/9/2014

We arrived just before  day change and the conditions weren’t the best.  The summit was shroud in cloud and everything was pretty damp.

Before we could get the squid pole up turned on Andrew’s HT and we could hear Simon (VK1FAAS).  We put out a few calls to Simon and we went unheard.  Simon was strong to us around a 5/8 to a 5/9.  We missed out on a summit to summit, I guess there is always next time.

We setup and Andrew (VK2MWP) made 4 quick contacts and then I took over for a quick 5 contacts.  We decided that the conditions at the summits were not the best and we quickly packed our gear up.

Below are the gps altitude tracks elevations from the walk up and back.

descent ascent